Book Review: The Story of Hong Gildong

Title: The Story of Hong Gildong
Author: Unknown (Trans. Minsoo Kang)
Year: ?? (ed. 2016)
Pages: 77
Date Read: April 3, 2017
Format: Paperback
Genres: LFM
Rating: ★★★

Note: Minsoo Kang, who translated the text, states that, although the story mentions that it is during the reign of Seonjong, it could either be a misspelling of Sejong or a fictionalized king.  King Sejong created Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and the country was fairly peaceful during his reign.  It is possible that the story takes place during this time, but it was most likely written later.  As the real author is unknown, there is only conjecture as to the exact time of its writing.

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