Looking Ahead

In the past, whenever I’ve set reading goals beyond hitting a certain number…I’ve pretty much failed. But this year, I really want to whittle down my owned TBR. I own 315 unread physical books, y’all. THREE. HUNDRED. AND. FIFTEEN. I’m obviously not going to read them all this year — let’s not be ridiculous. I do, however, want to read at least mostly owned books this year. I did that in 2018, but most of them were also purchased in 2018…so that was pretty much a fail. I have 141 unread Kindle books. To me, since I can’t ~see~ them and they’re not taking up actual space on my bookshelves, they don’t bother me as much, but I’d still like to whittle those down, as well. The way I’ll be doing tackling my TBR is by using different challenges (e.g., Read Harder, Reading Women, POPSUGAR, etc.) that have prompts covered by my books. I’ve already made a list of the ones that’ll work and put them in a TBR jar to pick them out if I don’t already have something in mind.

For some more concrete goals…*

  1. Read at least 10% of my physical TBR. As it stands, that should be about 32 books, but I will try to keep it at 10% even if it grows.
  2. Complete the Romanceopoly 2019 board. I’ll be participating as a native via the direct route, which means I need to read a book from every street/category — which will be 39 books. For more information on this, check here.
  3. Read more diversely. This is pretty vague, but it shouldn’t be too hard considering how not diversely I read in 2018. We can only go up from here, folks. Only up.
  4. Read the complete poetry of e.e. cummings. Okay, this one’s very specific, but I love all of the poetry I’ve read by him and I’ve had the complete collection for nearly two years. It’s time.





*These goals may change since I should be starting grad school in about 5 months (holy crap), but we’ll see…

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