Book Review: The Twenty-Ninth Year by Hala Alyan

ttny.pngThe Twenty-Ninth Year by Hala Alyan
Published: 2019
Genre: Poetry
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Source: Library
Dates Read: March 4-5, 2019
Grade: B-
Synopsis: In Islamic and Western tradition, age twenty-nine is a milestone, a year of transformation and upheaval.

For Hala Alyan, this is a year in which the past–memories of family members, old friends and past lovers, the heat of another land, another language, a different faith–winds itself around the present. Hala’s ever-shifting, subversive verse sifts together and through different forms of forced displacement and the tolls they take on mind and body. Poems leap from war-torn cities in the Middle East, to an Oklahoma Olive Garden, a Brooklyn brownstone; from alcoholism to recovery; from a single woman to a wife. This collection summons breathtaking chaos, one that seeps into the bones of these odes, the shape of these elegies.

A vivid catalog of trauma, heartache, loneliness, and joy, The Twenty-Ninth Year is an education in looking for home and self in the space between disparate identities. (from Goodreads)Read More »