April Wrap-Up + May TBR


I didn’t read much last month, and I’m not sure if the problem was me or the books I chose. Maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, on to the recap:



#1 – A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing by DaMaris B. Hill – ★★★★★

not a white woman, nor do i wither
in darkness, i bruise a blue rose
blooming between brick i quiver

Okay, first off, DaMaris B. Hill has not one but TWO PhDs (in English & women and gender studies) and she was in the Air Force. Wow. And second, this book is phenomenal. I can’t say I like it, because its contents aren’t something to ‘like.’ It’s full of histories and personalities of real women I’d never heard of before — and that makes me angry. Every white person should be made to read this book. Since March 26 of this year, 3 historically black churches in Louisiana have been burned down within 10 days of each other. They’ve been called “suspicious,” but really they’re not suspicious at all. I know who did it. You know who did it. And why. We may not yet know the name(s), but we know what they look like.

#2 – Hot Asset (21 Wall Street #1) by Lauren Layne – ★★★

What’s the point of clearing my name, of getting my life back, if she’s not in it?

I love office romances. I want them in my books. I want them in my dramas. I want them everywhere. While I wouldn’t like the hustle and bustle of living in NYC myself, I sure do love to read about it. Layne’s novels are always light but heartfelt, so they’re easy to read but I’m not going to forget them any time soon. I can always connect to the characters and feel for them, which I appreciate in a novel

#3 – The Raven Prince (The Princes Trilogy #1) by Elizabeth Hoyt – ★★

If we never have children, I will be disappointed, but if I never have you, I will be devastated.

I wish I’d liked this one more. Sadly, I could tell it was Hoyt’s first book, but that also means she’s improved a lot because I love the Maiden Lane books I’ve read. The characters in this one annoyed me, and there was way too much noble idiocy. I would have preferred reading solely about the prostitutes in this one because I cared more about their storyline. I got annoyed with Edward’s near-constant self-loathing about his scars. Once or twice would be fine, but the whole book? And the epilogue was totally predictable. Women have always blamed themselves when they can’t have children with their husbands, but sometimes it’s the husband who can’t. I know it’s reflective of the society, but still.

#4 – The Tiny Journalist by Naomi Shihab Nye – ★★★★★

To enjoy / fireworks / you would have / to have lived / a different kind / of life.

I should add an “emotions” category to my rating system for poetry. Did this make me cry? Yes.


Ampersand2019: 9/36
Modern Mrs. Darcy: 5/13
Read Harder*: 4/11
Reading Women: 5/20
Romanceopoly: 10/39

*This one’s just for the challenges that can be satisfied by books I already own.



  • The Deal (College Row)
  • If I Only Had a Duke (Bus)
  • Love Lessons (LGBT Lane)
  • Undone by You (Freedom Friars)
  • Truth or Beard (Sweet Street)
  • The Poppy War (Library – free choice)
  • Sparking the Fire (Bad Boy Circus)
  • Off the Clock (Erotic Eaves)


  • Passion on Park Avenue (May 28)
  • The King’s Mercy (June 4)
  • Fix Her Up (June 11)

This is a pretty ambitious list for someone whose reading has been pretty slow lately, but I have a class starting next month and won’t be able to read as much then. I’m hoping to get a good amount read this month.




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