Hello Again

So I took a hiatus from blogging for about a year and three months, but I’m back! To be honest, my reading kind of got pushed to the back burner after I started grad school. I was so busy with academic reading that I didn’t feel like reading for fun as much. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic, and well…I’ve read a lot. More than any other year, really. I’ve missed posting book reviews and want to start back up again, and I figure that if I feel the will to do anything this year, I should jump on it. Starting off, I’m going to be posting reviews of the books I read as I finish them, as well as posting reviews of some books I’ve finished in between my last post and now. They will mainly be the books I really liked, so there will be some gaps as I won’t post reviews of books I didn’t really care for. That said, this blog isn’t here as a place to record every single book I read. For example, I’m reading tons of picture books for school right now, and I’m not going to review any of those here. I might make monthly recaps, and I might not. I do plan on posting reviews regularly, though.

I hope everyone’s doing as well as can be expected, and happy reading!

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