Book Review: Stolen by the Viking by Michelle Willingham

Title: Stolen by the Viking
Series: Sons of Sigurd #1
Author: Michelle Willingham
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 288
Source: Purchased
Date Finished: January 19, 2021
Grade: B+


Battle-scarred Viking Alarr is a broken warrior who expects to die carrying out his oath of blood vengeance. He saves maiden Breanne O’Callahan from slavery only with the intention of getting close enough to kill her foster father. Until their spark of passion ignites a desire to keep her close…and presents Alarr with a gut-wrenching choice–his revenge or his heart? (x)


This was really fun! I liked both Breanne and Alarr, even though they could both be slight noble idiots at times. I’d never really read any Viking books before, so I was looking forward to starting this one. Even though most of the book is set in Ireland, it still has that Viking feel, and it’s definitely gotten me interested in reading more Viking romances.

I could appreciate Breanne’s inner struggle with trying to choose between her former home and her new love, but it could also get on my nerves a bit because it took her too long to realize that she knew nothing of her former home and did not really owe those people anything. The same goes for Alarr’s struggle with coming to terms with his injury/disability, though I can appreciate his difficulties more because it affected his status as a warrior.

All in all, an enjoyable read, and I’m looking forward to Rurik’s book!

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